Israeli premium kosher wines

Ben Gat was founded by collector Arie Halachmi to give wine lovers a new wine experience that they can not find anywhere else.
The collector of wines – Arie Halachmi, has collected for 10 years a huge collection of wines and series from a variety of wineries throughout the country. Arie has a rare collection of wines of great size and quality. Arie’s collection has reached an incredible amount of over 11,000 unique bottles that you will not find on store shelves.
Arie Halahmi collected this rare collection in order to realize his dream and establish a place that will bring special wines to wine connoisseurs. If you are the kind who have already tasted everything and is interested in wines that can not be found in stores, you will understand the uniqueness of this collection that represents the magic of the Israeli wine world.

Ben Gat was established with the aim of achieving the most interesting wines made in Israel, with an emphasis on the quality of the wine, its uniqueness, the ability to impress and the aging potential of the wine.

Here at Ben Gat, you can find a series of wines that are out of store shelves and even wineries. In Ben Gat you will find rare and kosher wines produced by the finest wineries in Israel and collected one by one with a personal taste by Arie. When the right wine is found, and it is worthy of collecting and aging in order to improve its taste, then the wine is purchased and transferred to the basement of Ben Gat.

If you are interested in purchasing the wines presented on the site, you are welcome to contact us by e-mail or over the phone.